5 Advantages of Conversational over Graphical Interfaces

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I’ve been preparing for my talk on conversational user interfaces, so it has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Below are 5 areas where a conversational UI has an edge.

Provides a better experience on a small screen, no screen

With a couple billion smart phones in the wild, it becomes obvious that the audience is on small screens. With the transformation of the car and home using voice recognition technologies, we don’t even need a screen for certain use cases

Create completely customized experiences for each user

If you haven’t seen it yet you will. Brands are targeting users with appealing offers. For example, scan this Facebook Messenger code to get a coupon to our latest offer. So imagine you scan the special offer and using your location…you have an experience that couldn’t easily be duplicated on other channels.

Respond with pinpointed, quick responses

An average web page clocks in at 2mb. The average payload for text response is less than 1K.

Perform specific tasks

Alexa, reminds me to pickup Johnny at 5PM

Unlock powerful insights in your data

This is a real sweet spot. Imagine the vast amount of data in your company. How can you unlock that information for insights and opportunities for your business.